New Zeeland of New Sealand?

De naam ‘Nieuw Zeeland’ is door Abel Tasman bedacht en is eigenlijk fout vertaald door James Cook naar ‘New Zealand’. Sommige mensen maken zich daar nog steeds druk over zoals laatst in de krant stond. Volgens mij had het New Sealand moeten zijn, maar Mr Holmes vindt New Zeeland beter…
Verderop staat het stukje uit de krant.

Daarnaast zijn de verslagen  van vakantiedag 6 en 7 klaar!


For the past several years, retired civil servant and
amateur geographer George Holmes has been poring over New
Zealand’s official maps for errors — spelling errors in
particular — that have been overlooked for generations.

To date, Mr. Holmes has meticulously researched and
successfully submitted 60 name changes ranging from Mt.
Eggeling (previously incorrectly labeled as Mt. Eggelling)
in South Westland, to Mt. Norriss (previously incorrectly
labeled as Mt. Norris) near the Moteuka River valley; and
from the Waitakere’s Le Gros Stream (previoulsy Le Gos
Stream) to Piha’s Lovett Stream (previously Lovatt Stream).

Mr. Holmes says that it’s all about respect for the people
that these places were originally named after, adding, "It
is quite surprising — previously no one had made the
effort to make sure a name was spelled correctly… If a
letter arrived for you in the mail, and your name was
misspelled, you’d take it as a bit of a dig in the ribs
that they hadn’t taken the time to get it right."

But his biggest beef is about the spelling of his own
country’s name.  When Dutch discoverer Abel Tasman applied
the appellation "Nieuw Zeeland" — after the Netherlands
province of Zeeland — to the new land in 1642 (then beat a
hasty departure after three of his men were killed by
natives), little did he imagine that over 125 years later,
Britain’s Captain Cook would use three different spellings
of the strange new land that no one had effectively yet
claimed or mapped in his reports and charts and would
ultimately settle on the current spelling of New Zealand.

Based on this series of historical events, Mr. Holmes
claims that Captain Cook’s errors deprived New Zealand of
its correct spelling — New Zeeland.

But no changes are in the wind anytime soon and it’s
unlikely that many Kiwis would like to see their country’s
name changed.  "It’s obviously a very sensitive issue," says


2 thoughts on “New Zeeland of New Sealand?

  1. Hoi Trix en Remi

    Wat geweldig om jullie in die coco-kleding te zien zeg.Ik heb 9 maart weer een party thuis, jullie mogen gerust even langs komen (grapje)Het zwembad ziet er ook super uit, die van ons is in de winterslaap.
    Heel veel plezier verder.

  2. Hallo Skelte,

    Ik mag over 6 weken afzwemmen! Zwem jij ook veel in je eigen zwembad? Is het daar leuk?
    Ik mis je heeeel erg.
    Groetjes van RAMSES ramses

    p.s. Onno kan nu een klein beetje computeren, dus heeft hij jullie site eindeijk eens goed gezien. Maar vraagt zich onmiddellijk af of Heity die HOED ‘s nachts in bed ook op heeft!?!?

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